It's been a while.

just thought I'd drop a line.

Things are looking up a little. Rocky's mom is out of the hospital again, we had friends come and visit from Great Britain, Home improvement projects are wrapping up.

Equilibrium is staring to look like it will be restored after some loose ends get wrapped up.

On the upside, a close friend was reunited with his estranged parents.

A long-term close friend was reunited with a son that he has been estranged from for a couple of years.

I'm one teeny-tiny step away from finishing my second degree black belt.

Shoot Me, Shoot me now.

I am so tired of having repetative, multi-hour depressing conversations with people who need money, favors, support, hand-holding, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sympathetic, and we've always tried to be there for people, but I'm tapped. I'm just fucking tapped. It never ends and I can't take it any more.

Same people, same problems, over and over and over and for some reason I always have to do something for their solution to work. There's usually $$ invovled, and every single freaking time the $$$ gets bigger. And the $$ only come back about 25% of the time.

And I could handle that, except then I get guff when I suggest that maybe they could do something different and maybe they would get different result, and then I get the "How could you ever understand what I'm going through? Everything is so easy for you."

Little hint for you bunny-head: It get a whole lot easier when you keep trying to get stuff done, and you try different things until you find the way that works for you. It's only this hard if you keep trying to do it the wrong way.

And the best part? Tonights little gem came from someone who says: "I Just wish I could get him (her husband) to go on Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil would straighten him out."

Yeah. That's what your husband needs - to be verbally abused on national television by a tin-plated dictator with delusions of Godhood.


Find. Another. Answer.

I've tried giving advice, money, time, help and sympathy. There's nothing left. All I can do is hang on the phone and say "uh huh. uh huh" while the long-distance phone line between here and the Canadian border siphons away both my money and my will to live.

Probably just as well. I would have to be crazy to want to live in a world where anyone thinks that Dr. Phil is the answer to anything.
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Why won't the hurtng stop?

Today I:

1)stained three peices of trim for the new door to the downstairs bathroom.
2)made a full breakfast for four people
3)delivered a kid to a co-curricular before-school activity
4)took the puppy on a two-mile walk
5)practiced for a cello recording that is going to happen next Friday
6)put in some practice for my second degree black belt test that happens next Sat. (still not ready)
7)met the bus with the other child.
8)picked up the puppy poop in the yard
9) answered my e-mail
10)wrote this blog post.

It is 10:30 AM, and I'm not even half-way through a normal day. Still to do:

1) clean kitchen
2) clean bathroom
3) buy hostss gift for a friend whose holiday party I am attending tomorrow
4)buy a gift for a friend whose birthday party i am attending next week
5)send my nephew a birthday card
6) more cello practice
7)more Kung Fu practice
8) get ready to attend a play tonight
9) make lunch
10) make dinner
11) make some plans for entertaining our friends from Britian over the next week
12) varnish the new door frame and door for the downstairs bathroom
13 proof-read a rough draft of the prologue for my oldest son's new writing project.

But first, coffee and an episod of Stargat SG-1 and a shower.
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No, I didn't delete YOU.

To all my friends,

I wanted to let you all know that I deleted the Livejournal links from my blog, anomalousdata. I'm trying to de-personalize my site somewhat, and figured that if you were still friended in LJ, you would know your still my friends! :-)

Just a heads up in case any of you go to my blog and wonder where you went.

Its a miracle! I can see! I can see!

The new windows are in.

They are a little bigger than the ones we had before, and they have less in the way of "wood", and more in the way of "glass". They are beautiful. I almost have all the staining done, and I still have to prime and paint the headers on the outside, and then varnish them.

But I took today off to baby sit a friend's pre-schooler. He's adorable. We had a great time. He played with Legos for a while, and then he helped me sort the recycling (for some reason he likes to do this), and then we went out into the yard and he helped me find and pick up sticks fromt he big storm we had on Tues.

Then, I raked a HUGE pile of leaves up in front of the slide on our swing set. He would slide down the slide, and into the leaf pile. That was good for probably twenty minutes.

Then he helped me make the leaft pile bigger. He got a kid-sized scoop shovle from the shed, and he pretended to be a front-end loader operator. I would rake leaves into a pile, and he would "scoop" them up and put them into the main pile. Making vroooming noices and "beep beep beep" noises.

Another twenty minutes down.

Then he went into to play house and found a nail that had worked it's way loose. He wanted to pound it back in, so we went and got a hammer. He pounded it for a while, and I finished it off. By then he had found more. We got all the loose nails taken care of, put the tools back in the garage, and went back into the house.

His parents arrived minutes later.

I miss my kids being that age.
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Ding! Cookies are done.

Waiting for potential clients to call me back for a meeting (waiting...waiting...waiting...)

Helped a friend lay a block foundation for a shed. We were almost done when I had to rush home to meet Grasshopper's bus and make him cookies (chocolate chip).

Then, make dinner, run him to orchestra, attend yoga class with Rocky, run and pick him up from orchestra and then...

stain the extention jams for the new windows while either studying my arabic language tapes or watching an MIT bilology lecture.

Who says stay-at-home moms are useless, no-good idiots?

Oh yeah, and two days before my teaching job starts up again!
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Yoga was good tonight.

My mid-back got a serious stretching out and aligning. I think that right at this moment, my mid-bakc is the happiest place on earth.

I've got a chronic problem with my mid-back. In part, I think this is because of a car accident I had a few years ago, and in part, it is due to an old weightlifting injury...

...but mostly it is due to years and years of having big boobs.

It is tempting for girls with big boobs to hunch and roll their shoulders forward, to make their chest looks smaller.

This is mostly so that rude boys with diarreah of the mouth and dirty old men don't notice you and give you unwanted attention.

Since I am only a couple weeks away from starting my 40th year on the planet, I'll offer you younger women some advice: and pull those shoulders back and walk straight. If anyone is rude and disrespectful of you because they think you not slouching and hiding your chest is an invitation to them, kick their asses right away and they will learn.

You will save your spine a lot of heartache and make the world a better place all at once.
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Petty, stupid feelings

How can I possibly hate someone I've never met so much?

There's this lady on LJ who seems to have infected the "friends" pages of most of my friends. They all seem to like, respect, and admire her despite the fact that she's obnoxious, overbearing, vicious, and back-stabbing.

And for some reason, she has made a personal crusade of bad-mouthing my best friend at every opportunity, and acting as though my best friend is evil incarnate.

I don't like that someone I have never met can have such a powerful effect on me. Guess I need to work on that.


If only I could wave my hands and magically become a better person.
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Did sombody say something? I could have sworn I heard someone say something.


Oh well.
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