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Its a miracle! I can see! I can see!

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The new windows are in.

They are a little bigger than the ones we had before, and they have less in the way of "wood", and more in the way of "glass". They are beautiful. I almost have all the staining done, and I still have to prime and paint the headers on the outside, and then varnish them.

But I took today off to baby sit a friend's pre-schooler. He's adorable. We had a great time. He played with Legos for a while, and then he helped me sort the recycling (for some reason he likes to do this), and then we went out into the yard and he helped me find and pick up sticks fromt he big storm we had on Tues.

Then, I raked a HUGE pile of leaves up in front of the slide on our swing set. He would slide down the slide, and into the leaf pile. That was good for probably twenty minutes.

Then he helped me make the leaft pile bigger. He got a kid-sized scoop shovle from the shed, and he pretended to be a front-end loader operator. I would rake leaves into a pile, and he would "scoop" them up and put them into the main pile. Making vroooming noices and "beep beep beep" noises.

Another twenty minutes down.

Then he went into to play house and found a nail that had worked it's way loose. He wanted to pound it back in, so we went and got a hammer. He pounded it for a while, and I finished it off. By then he had found more. We got all the loose nails taken care of, put the tools back in the garage, and went back into the house.

His parents arrived minutes later.

I miss my kids being that age.
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