fu_momma (fu_momma) wrote,

Why won't the hurtng stop?

Today I:

1)stained three peices of trim for the new door to the downstairs bathroom.
2)made a full breakfast for four people
3)delivered a kid to a co-curricular before-school activity
4)took the puppy on a two-mile walk
5)practiced for a cello recording that is going to happen next Friday
6)put in some practice for my second degree black belt test that happens next Sat. (still not ready)
7)met the bus with the other child.
8)picked up the puppy poop in the yard
9) answered my e-mail
10)wrote this blog post.

It is 10:30 AM, and I'm not even half-way through a normal day. Still to do:

1) clean kitchen
2) clean bathroom
3) buy hostss gift for a friend whose holiday party I am attending tomorrow
4)buy a gift for a friend whose birthday party i am attending next week
5)send my nephew a birthday card
6) more cello practice
7)more Kung Fu practice
8) get ready to attend a play tonight
9) make lunch
10) make dinner
11) make some plans for entertaining our friends from Britian over the next week
12) varnish the new door frame and door for the downstairs bathroom
13 proof-read a rough draft of the prologue for my oldest son's new writing project.

But first, coffee and an episod of Stargat SG-1 and a shower.
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