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Shoot Me, Shoot me now.

I am so tired of having repetative, multi-hour depressing conversations with people who need money, favors, support, hand-holding, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sympathetic, and we've always tried to be there for people, but I'm tapped. I'm just fucking tapped. It never ends and I can't take it any more.

Same people, same problems, over and over and over and for some reason I always have to do something for their solution to work. There's usually $$ invovled, and every single freaking time the $$$ gets bigger. And the $$ only come back about 25% of the time.

And I could handle that, except then I get guff when I suggest that maybe they could do something different and maybe they would get different result, and then I get the "How could you ever understand what I'm going through? Everything is so easy for you."

Little hint for you bunny-head: It get a whole lot easier when you keep trying to get stuff done, and you try different things until you find the way that works for you. It's only this hard if you keep trying to do it the wrong way.

And the best part? Tonights little gem came from someone who says: "I Just wish I could get him (her husband) to go on Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil would straighten him out."

Yeah. That's what your husband needs - to be verbally abused on national television by a tin-plated dictator with delusions of Godhood.


Find. Another. Answer.

I've tried giving advice, money, time, help and sympathy. There's nothing left. All I can do is hang on the phone and say "uh huh. uh huh" while the long-distance phone line between here and the Canadian border siphons away both my money and my will to live.

Probably just as well. I would have to be crazy to want to live in a world where anyone thinks that Dr. Phil is the answer to anything.
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